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Ensure all mandatory fields are filled up and accept membership T&Cs to utilise your voucher in store. 

Step 2: Present your F3 Star membership card or NRIC to utilise your voucher immediately upon making a purchase.

No physical voucher will be issued.

Step 3: Utilise 100pts for $10 voucher to offset your purchase. Limited to 1 voucher per transaction.

Each member is allowed a maximum redemption of 500 points (up to $50 voucher) during the promotion period.





1. What is this promotion about?

For a limited period only, we are offering F3 members who have at least 100 points in their account to redeem their points for a $10 voucher to be used at Topshop and Topman only. Usual is 250 points for $10 F3 voucher. 

2. Is it a must to update my membership profile before I can redeem any points?

Yes. You are required to update your profile via the membership portal, and accept the T&Cs in order to redeem any points. This is a one-time process, and your understanding is appreciated.

3. How many points am I allowed to utilise during the entire promotion period?

Each member is allowed to redeem up to a maximum of 500 points.

4. Can I redeem the points for the voucher first, but use it another day?

No, once the points are redeemed the e-voucher must be utilised immediately.

5. Can I redeem the points for the voucher, and use it at other F3 Star brands?

No. This is a special promotion applicable at Topshop and Topman only.

6. I didn’t receive the EDM on this promotion. Can I still enjoy the offer?

Yes, as long as you have sufficient points to redeem for the voucher, you can enjoy the offer. 

December may be winter fever in other wintry areas, but not in humid Singapore – even if it rains. While it does seem like a wet and dreary Christmas period, why not spice up your outfit and wear something that will versatile in the coming months?

While sportswear might have been a Fall/Winter 2012 trend, it’s one that continues to reappear every few seasons, so I’ll admit I’m suffering from some form of sports fever this month with Topshop’s cool felt hat – good for both the rainy weather and the bright sunshine after the rain.

Instead of the typical slouchy sweatshirt, I’ve chosen an insanely basic cropped polo piece that you can layer and pair with anything in your wardrobe. Long enough for playful checkered skater skirts, it’s also short enough to pair with basic sweaters or cardigans for cooler days. End off with some geek shoes and voila, you’re ready for ‘Spring’ in January! - Trixie

Shopping during the party season is always a blast because the festive mood gives us license to amp it up with our fashion choices. But when the fun dies down, it would be nice to know that our party frocks can lend themselves well to the rest of the year. Here are some of my picks:

A bold bandage skirt from BCBG MAXAZRIA gives you the holiday glam, while keeping your curves through all the feasting. It’ll go from outfit to outfit as you mix it with separates all throughout the holiday season, and you still won’t tire of it in 2013.

A sparkly bodycon dress keeps you in the spotlight this holiday season. For extra options, transform your dress by hitching it up and pulling up the sleeves – that’s two dresses in one! When the festivities are over, layer the dress under a denim vest or varsity jacket for those glam grunge days!

Last but definitely not least, invest in a statement belt this holiday season. It keeps your waist nipped and keeps your outfits looking sharp. Pair a statement belt with jeans, pencil skirts or dresses to add pizzazz to your party looks! When the holiday season is through, and you find yourself kicking back in a pair of shorts, your new statement belt will be an easy fix to liven up an everyday outfit. - Denise

If you were to peek into my wardrobe, you’d discover a great number of embellished, sequin-covered pieces of clothing ranging from tank tops, to blouses and dresses. I must admit, I’m very much a fashion magpie. But I’m out to prove that embellished outfits aren’t just for the party season. In fact they’re perfect for day to night dressing and save lots of time when getting ready – you don’t need to accessorise much!

The white playsuit is practical and glamorous, excellent for lazing in the sun (like a famous vampire, you’ll dazzle when the sunshine hits you) while having a picnic. The wrap bracelet adds a touch of playful elegance to the ensemble, but also versatile enough to be an everyday accessory. When the sun sets, the playsuit is a definite standout look among the crowd of cocktail dresses at a fancy dinner party as long as it’s worn with sharp stilettos and a seductive red lip.

The black dress is not the usual LBD with the unique embellished shoulder detailing, giving it a refined haute couture element to it. Cover up the sparkle with a neon jumper (also great with the white playsuit) when you wear it to work and wear it with Converse high-tops for a contrast of tomboy and girly. And when it’s time to party, remove the jumper, put on a pair of pointed pumps and you’re ready to go! - Debby


Personal resolution

Good news came in the very first week on December — I scored a full-time job! Without a stable income, I’ve spent the past 6 months wandering about town and at some point I went broke as I kept shopping. With a stable monthly income, my resolution for 2013 is to save my more money to make my business plan come true before I turn 30. I also hope to use money more wisely, especially when when it comes to shopping.

And because of the festive season, most stores are targeting customers with year-end sales and awesome bargain. But this time, I’ll have to be a picky shopper as I can’t spend my money on anything and everything that catches my eye.

Style resolution

So, I have narrowed down my shopping options by focusing on getting office appropriate clothes. Thank God my job scope is fashion related and allows me to wear shorts (my favourite fashion item of all time). The only problem is, what do I pair the shorts with? I’m working 5 days a week, so it’s impossible to always wear a t-shirt to the office (that’s simply unacceptable), so for my style resolution, I hope I can come up with more stylish and dressy tops without compromising on comfort!     - Nidya


Personal resolution

After much reflection, I cannot decide if it has been a good or a bad year. I mean after weighing the ups and downs in my life, it seems to be a tie between the two. But two precious things I have experienced and learnt this year: perseverance and determination. We all have big dreams and it is not achieving the dream that matters, but how you get to your end destination that matters.

I finished a gruelling film project this year, got much criticism and praise for it, landed a job, lost a friend and found out more about myself this year. So my resolution is simple next year: Be brave and embrace whatever that comes your way good or bad. No point harping on problems, the most important thing is to learn how to solve it and emerge victorious.

Style resolution

And for that, this applies to my style resolution for 2013. Even since I started a proper desk job, I know that it will be nuts for me to wear anything out of the normal office lady outfit. Even if I do innovate, I do it with single colours, minimal prints, minimal clashing, and basically just safe chic. 2013 will be different for me – more prints, more checks and of course, a braver and less safe wardrobe. Designer houses from Balenciaga to Proenza Schouler have shown that it is evidently normal and of course safe to do a print on print (neon included of course). Every one wants to be happy in the first half of the year, who wants to mope. To be happy, you have to wear happy. Who cares what other people think? You are what you wear, embrace it and be brave.     -Trixie


Personal resolution

I was raised a Christian but could never relate to it much growing up. Out of curiosity, I started reading the bible more closely this year – and realised what a treasure trove of old wisdom it is. It certainly isn’t an easy read, because it requires research into the historical context of each book, references to other books, and dealing with varied interpretations of the message. But it’s been thrilling and incredibly enriching…and I hope to find discipline in understanding it because its so challenging. 

Style resolution

I turn 25 next year. It’s a tricky age to be, because it’s so easy to look 21 or 28, depending on how you choose to dress up (or down). But looking 25? That’s a balancing act I hope to get right – if only because I want to savour my mid-twenties as deeply as possible.

And yet, I’m not one to stick to a specific style either. Depending on occasion and mood, I’m game for anything from slick to boho-chic. Where does this leave me in my quest to look 25?

I think a huge part of it needs to come through in the way I carry myself. Standing and walking with better posture? Holding conversation without giggling so much? Game on. I’ll be working on the details.

Meantime, here’s a short compilation of “mid-twenties” looks that have nailed the balance between being flirty but modest, youthful but well-considered, and never too predictable!     - Deniseimage

Personal resolution

Just like Denise, I’ll be turning 25 next year. And while some friends are engaged (and even married), I’m still living the life of a single girl. Where’s this going? Simply put, I think I need to start managing my finances a whole lot better. Yes, I earn enough money to pay the bills, but that’s precisely it. JUST ENOUGH (or barely enough, depends how you see it) to pay the bills. Bills, which according to my expensify report, are 70% due to shopping. And this is a major problem. With a packed wardrobe and too many pretty dresses with no occasions to wear to, I believe it’s time to wise up and stop impulse purchases. So maybe I’ll get that percentage down to 40%? Though I think some banks/financial planning professionals would still disagree with that relatively high number :P

Style resolution

In line with the efforts to minimise spending on shopping without compromising on style, it’s all about timeless silhouettes like those seen on the SS13 runways of Dries Van Noten & ICB. And don’t be mistaken that this means simple and boring, I’m looking forward to sculptural and sharp shapes with a few statement pieces here and there. Hopefully the wardrobe evolves to hold staples and versatile items that mix and match to give me endless options!     - Debby

This month, we introduce you to 23 year-old Edith Foo, a marketing executive for Topshop and Topman. With a diploma in Law, she’s an example of someone who pursues her passion - fashion. What does a job in marketing entail? Read on to find out more!

How did you get started?

I got started in retail industry while I was just part timing as an admin officer 3 years ago. It was really strange because I graduated with a diploma in Law from Temasek Poly and never thought marketing would be a choice for me. But after getting exposed to the fashion industry through my first job, I realised I loved what I was doing. I got to know of an opening at Wing Tai last year and thought it a good opportunity to work on the brands under them.

What does one need to succeed in the marketing field?

I think creativity is very important especially for fashion and retail marketing. The industry is really small and ideas get bounced around so much to the point it gets really dull sometimes. We need to inject fresher ideas to differentiate the brand.

Understanding the fashion scene is as important to keep up to date with the ongoing trends from various brands, so a lot of reading is required to build up on that. And of course, you need a lot of PR to make life easier!

What does your job entail?

Basically all marketing matters related to Topshop and Topman for instance, organizing events for new collaboration, advertising planning, public relations etc. Internally, we work very closely with the Visual Merchandising and Sales Planning team to develop ideas and mechanics to meet the objective of our activities. Externally, we work with various partners such as the media and agencies.

What are some of the challenges you face?

Topshop is a well-established high street fashion brand, and I think the biggest challenge for us is to continue positioning Topshop at that high street leader and not have it lose its presence in the fashion scene. Also, as we work closely with the UK team, sometimes miscommunication happens – we just have to put in more effort when managing things.

What do you love about this job?

Despite all the challenges, I guess the level of satisfaction after each successful campaign had really motivated me to learn more about the brand.

What would be a Topshop style that you would love to try, but have not had the guts to try?

A Topshop girl always looks trendy and chic in the way she dresses – especially with a great personality. I’m usually pretty open to try things that I like too, but sequins is probably something I’ve always thought was really nice but it might be too much for me.

What’s your ideal work outfit?

I’m not much of a corporate wear person – I prefer something fun and casual. Plus, we do move around quite often for meetings and sometimes even required to carry some carton boxes around for our events, so wearing something comfortable yet stylish and chic is always my ideal work outfit. So some examples of what I’d like to wear is a comfy Topshop maxi dress, a fun Warehouse skater skirt and a top or shirt with shiny Dorothy Perkins leggings.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

  1. Lomography Fish Eye camera

  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag

  3. New pair of Vans

What are you wearing this NYE?

I haven’t done my shopping for the countdown party. But I’m probably going to get an embellished dress from Topshop or Miss Selfridge - something with lots of sparkle and shine to welcome the new 2013!


With Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, we thought we’d share some of our favourite holiday tunes, along with artistes we predict to be big in 2013. Whether you’re planning attend parties or chill at home, here are a few playlists to get you in a festive mood and prepare you for the exciting year ahead! – Genevieve Chan


Proof that Christmas Carols don’t have to be cheesy or sleep-inducing.

First up is the classic “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” by Burl Ives, followed by The Waitresses’ popular ‘80s track “Christmas Wrapping”. Michael Bublé and Shania Twain charm us with an upbeat “White Christmas” duet, before Jazz legend Frank Sinatra serenades us with another classic, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

Singer-songwriters Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson do what they do best with the beautiful and slightly melancholic “Winter Song,” while Norah Jones and Willie Nelson get us grooving along to “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” We finish the list off with one of the best (if not the best) alternative rock Christmas tunes of the century – “Christmas Lights” by Coldplay.

  • Have a Holly Jolly Christmas – Burl Ives

  • Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses

  • White Christmas – Michael Buble & Shania Twain

  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Frank Sinatra

  • Winter Song – Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson

  • Baby It’s Cold Outside – Norah Jones & Willie Nelson

  • Christmas Lights – Coldplay

New Year’s Eve

Party like there’s no tomorrow, it’s the last few hours of 2012!

It’s time to forget the trials and tribulations of 2012 and enjoy the last day of the year! We kick off the New Year’s Eve playlist with Prince’s classic party song “1999.” Then another classic with “Rock and Roll All Nite” with KISS, followed by the Alesso remix of David Guetta’s wildly popular “Titanium.”

Work those move on the dancefloor with “Shake It Out” by Florence + the Machine and “Get Some” by Lykke Li. Before we call it a night, we travel back to the old days with German DJ Tensnake’s old school track “Mainline,” featuring Syron.

  • 1999 – Prince

  • Rock and Roll All Nite – KISS

  • Shake It Out – Florence + the Machine

  • Titanium (Alesso remix) – David Guetta

  • Get Some – Lykke Li

  • Mainline (feat. Syron) – Ten snake

The Hits of 2013

You heard it here first, these acts will have legions of fans next year.

What better way to gear up for the new year than by getting acquainted with the artistes and bands that look set to make it big in 2013? On the top of our list is the latest single “Don’t Save Me” by folk/R&B sister act HAIM, who charmed us with their pure vocals and infectious beats. Another sister act on our list is Swedish twins Saint Lou Lou, who have made waves in the music scene with their debut single “Maybe You”, a laid-back, wistful indie-pop tune.

Next up is “Werkin’ Girls” by rapper Angel Haze, who blew our minds with her deft and bullet-quick delivery. Multi-instrumentalist Melody Prochet, who performs under the moniker Melody’s Echo Chamber, then whisks us away with her dreamy indie-pop single “I Follow You.” This is followed by “Fire Blaze”, British rap and vocal group Rascals’ latest single.

Last but not least is hotly-tipped Dublin band Kodaline, who have been compared to Coldplay, The Verve and The Script. Check out their tear-jerking music video for lead track “All I Want” below!

  • Don’t Save Me – HAIM

  • Maybe You – Saint Lou Lou

  • Werkin’ Girls – Angel Haze

  • I Follow You – Melody’s Echo Chamber

  • Fire Blaze - Rascals

  • All I Want – Kodaline

Just for the holiday season, here’s a Cocktail Man-ual for men looking to entertain in style. James Bond’s drink of choice is the Vesper Martini, Napolean Bonaparte favoured Moet & Chandon while Barack Obama loves a frosty bottle of Bud Light.

When you drink as men do, a couple of age-old favourites stand out: gin, whisky and bourbon. This is why we’ve compiled a trio of recipes based on these distinguished spirits.

For a gin cocktail…The Negroni

When to serve it:

Before a meal. The Negroni is an aperitif – in other words, an alcoholic beverage served before a meal to stimulate appetite.

Did you know?

The Negroni was invented in Florence in the early 20th Century when the Italian Count Camillo Negroni wanted to replace the soda water in his Americano, with gin.

Making it:

  1. Start with an old-fashioned glass

  2. Fill the glass with ice cubes

  3. Add 30ml gin, 30ml red vermouth & 30ml campari

  4. Garnish with orange peel or a slice of orange

  5. Stir and serve

For a whiskey cocktail…The Old Fashioned

When to serve it:

To end off the night, or to accompany conversation.

Did you know?

The Old Fashioned is a true original. Its origins run so far back (we’re talking some 200 years), that it was originally referred to as a “cocktail” – and perhaps the only cocktail at the time?

Variations of the Old Fashioned include replacing whisky with bourbon or even brandy.

Making it:

  1. Start with an old-fashioned glass

  2. Dissolve a sugar cube (or half a teaspoon of sugar) in a tablespoon of water (or soda water) and 2 dashes of Angostura bitters

  3. Rotate the glass so that the sugar grains and bitters line the glass

  4. Add ice before pouring in 60ml whiskey

  5. Garnish with a maraschino cherry, a slice of lemon and a slice of orange

  6. Stir, and serve with stirrer

For a bourbon cocktail…The Mint Julep

When to serve it:

In a more casual setting – especially if the party is outdoors, or held while the sun is still out – the Mint Julep is light and refreshing!

Fast facts:

Mint Juleps were traditionally served in silver or pewter cups with a copper core which served to fully freeze the contents. Additionally, they were held only by the bottom and the top, so as to allow frost to form on the outside of the cup.

Making it:

  1. Start with your pick of a highball glass, Collins glass or old-fashioned glass. Or if you’re making drinks for a big group, prepare as much as you need in a jug – just be sure to stick to the proportions below

  2. Muddle 5 to 7 mint leaves with a heaped teaspoon of sugar, then let it sit for a while so that mint leaves release their flavour

  3. Fill the glass with crushed ice

  4. Pour 90ml bourbon

  5. Stir and serve with a straw


‘Tis the season to party, but for some ‘tis the season for planning parties.

With the holiday season just around the corner (literally), we speak to party planner Denise Tan, who gives an insider’s scoop on planning an exceptional party. While everyone is scrambling to execute their Christmas and end-of-year parties, Denise provides a few tips to achieve a successful party without breaking a sweat.

One half of Idea-Inn (, Denise shares with us her ‘partying’ life and whether it is all that glamorous as they say. She also tells us the best places in Singapore to pick up DIY items, what to wear … Well, you get the picture. - Trixie

Tell us more about how you decided to be a party planner and why chose this career path.

It was a childhood dream job for me and I’m very thankful to meet someone who has a same dream as me in my previous company. She is my current business partner, Sylvia. Having a business of my own has always been what I wanted to do. Hence, Sylvia and I took the opportunity to turn our dream into a reality.

Name three party ideas or concepts you’ve received from customers.

1. A white and blue birthday party with a touch of Alice in Wonderland

2. Shanghai night for a 25th anniversary party

3. Vintage rustic seaside wedding dinner

Out of all your parties, which was the one you had most fun planning and why?

A 60th surprise birthday party which we planned with the children, while planning the wedding of the elder son. A very friendly and easygoing family, it was a great honour to be trusted for two very important family occasions.

What are three items you cannot leave your house without when you go on a site visit to the event venue?

1. My iPhone – for navigation and to take photos of the venue

2. Sunblock

3. Esprit Umbrella

If you had to plan your own party, would you plan it yourself or would you ask someone else for help? Why?

I will plan it myself. Because I love the party planning process e.g. planning, conceptualising, shopping for stuffs, doing personalisation for individual friends, decorating the place, cooking and etc.

Describe your ideal party set-up.

A table covered with white table cloth, lined up with a row of gold tiffany chairs, lots of candle lights and a mix of short and tall white and green table centrepieces

Where do you derive your inspiration from when you plan parties?

  • the stories of the couple when it comes to weddings

  • the desired outcome of the client

  • based on our understanding of the client through our interaction with them during the planning process

  • the experience gained from previous events and from various online websites and magazines

Could you share some websites you get inspiration from?

Karen Tran Florals

Papeterie Party Designer

Amy Atlas Events

Share a few tips for those planning their own parties this holiday season.

1. Inform your guests early as they might have several parties to attend in this holiday season

2. Be bold and try something different e.g. different cuisine, venues

3. Have a budget in mind. It will help when deciding on the priorities

4. If you can afford it, get professional help to lighten your load and give you the freedom to enjoy the party

Where are the best places to scour for DIY party items in Singapore?

Middle Road. There are shops that provide a good range of party items at reasonable prices. Shops such as Daiso, Spotlight and some party shops in the shopping malls offer a unique range of items if you are looking for something special.

What will you be wearing for parties this holiday season? Describe your ideal party outfit.

A one piece dress/jumpsuit, with heels or flats depending on the venue, an eye-catching pair of earrings and a sling bag. It’s important to not have too much to allow for easy movement.

What is a manageable guest size for a party?

For a DIY party, 80-100pax is a good size.

What is the best way to decide on table seating?

Categorise it by group.

What are good party favours that will work for girls and guys?

Food, of course!

What will be your ideal Christmas party be like? and Why?

A rainy day with cool weather and a table spread with good food. No seating arrangement, everyone just sits around the comfy sofas to enjoy the food and watch a Christmas movie together

Must have décor:

(1) Traditional Christmas tree with red and gold decor with presents gathered around the tree

(2) One matching Christmas round garland at the door.

How would you describe your job as a party planner in one sentence?

It is my loving playground.


It’s finally the holidays! Whether you’re hopping on the road for a mini road trip or jet setting across the globe, here’s how to pack your most loved beauty products so that you can look hot whether you’re trekking in Tibet or cruising along Hollywood Boulevard. - Roseanne Tang (

Check your Skincare & Downsize

What skincare you use on your trip not only depends on your skin type, think about the climate and humidity you’ll be in. If you’re heading to London during its harsh, cold winter, it’s best to pack a heavy-duty moisturiser like SK-II’s Stempower. But if you’re going to Phuket where it’s humid and there’s lot of sunshine, you might just want to bring along your lotion like the Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturiser. No matter the temperature, always remember to pack your sunscreen, cleanser and make-up remover! We all know that bringing full size bottles can be a pain so get a few mini clear plastic bottles from your local beauty store for a few dollars and fill them up so it’s just enough for your trip.

Embrace Palettes

Think blush, eye shadow and lip palettes – they do wonders for luggage space. You can also buy empty eye-shadow palettes from most major cosmetic counters like M.A.C and learn to de-pot them so that you can take your favourite shades along with you without the bulk. I love the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, you can do most neutral looks with it and they’re great quality eye shadows.

Know your Occasion

It never hurts to plan ahead. If you know you have a gala dinner to attend, you might want to bring more make-up than if you’re off hiking in the Grand Canyon. For example, if you’re hiking, all you need is tinted moisturiser, sunscreen, moisturiser, a bit of eye shadow and eyeliner for the odd dinner and a favourite lipstick. But, if you need to look red carpet ready, think about your outfits and match your make-up accordingly. Of course, be prepared to bring more.

Neat Multi-Tasking Products

If you’re tight on luggage space, it’s always good to think multi-tasking products. Stick foundations like the Bobbi Brown Foundation sticks can not only be used as foundation when spread evenly, but can be used as cream concealers as well. Lipsticks when lightly applied can act as blushes. Simply take a lipstick like Topshop’s Macaroon on a finger, dot your cheek and then with another finger, spread evenly across your cheek. Gel liners are fantastic multi-tasking products as well. Spread a gel liner like the M.A.C’s Blacktrack fluid line over your eye as a cream eye shadow or use a disposable mascara wand to comb through your lashes. Mascara done!

Looking Good on the Plane

And finally, with the dry and stuffy cabin air, it’s not a surprise if your skin starts to feel uncomfortable and clogged when flying. And, the strict cabin rules about liquids aren’t much of help either. To combat dryness, prep yourself before the flight by taking a quick warm shower and slathering on moisturising body butter like The Body Shop Body Butter. If you’re keen on wearing make-up, apply a primer before your foundation and bring along with you non-liquid alternatives like pencil eyeliner and cream blush for cheeks and lips like the Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue for Lips & Cheeks for a quick touch-up before landing. As the regulations are no more than 100 mL, bring your moisturiser in a small clear sample jar, a refreshing face mist and your lip balm to keep your skin hydrated.

So there you have it, some great tips on packing the essential beauty items for your next vacation!

Yep, the year is coming to an end and what better resolutionfor the New Year than to be more fashionable while travelling’? So the next time you’re visiting one of the ‘It’ fashion cities, be it New York, Paris or even Tokyo, take it as a great opportunity to play dress up while blending in with the fashionable locals! An essential for a chic holiday abroad is fluorescent boucle skirt from Topshop which is perfect for a day trip in The Museum of Modern Art, tea time in front of the legendary Eiffel Tower or even a night out in Shinjuku. Not just a trend for this season, Boucle is big in Spring/Summer 2013 as well, so this is definitely a great buy.      - Nidya

New York

Don’t be afraid to inject a mix of fluorescent colours all at once! Especially in the vibrant city that never sleeps. As long you go with the right fluorescent tones, you’ll be alright. Confused? You have to ensure one colour won’t outshine the rest. This way, no matter the number of colours, it will all appear like it belongs together. This tip applies to colour blocking too. And for more impact (if you like all the attention on you) pile on chunky accessories, especially necklaces.


In the city of romance, Parisians are all about chic, subtle and timeless dressing. Choose a laidback shirt underneath the faux fur bolero for a touch of luxe and mix it with the boucle skirt a la Chanel. And with the statement making faux fur, accessories are complementary rather than attention-grabbing, so pick something more minimalist and classic.


One of the most famous fashion styles that has been around for years in Japan is the Gothic Lolita – it’s essentially wearing black from head to toe and combining it with lace. To adapt this look without going overboard, try wearing high top sneakers instead of the usual thick sole shoes that a Lolita would wear. Have a bit of fun and wear a lace Victorian blouse with the atypical fluorescent boucle skirt. Last but not least, complete the look with a tote/satchel bag and studded jewellery. 

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